Gradle Clover plugin


I was recently working on a Gradle plugin for the code coverage tool Atlassian Clover. You can find a first version and the documentation on my Github repository.

Here are some of the features:

  • Support for Java and Groovy sources
  • Task for aggregating reports for multi-module projects
  • Configurable report types
  • Support for coverage contexts
  • Definition of target percentage
  • Include/exclude patterns for source files

Enjoy! I am looking forward to your feedback. Please add feature requests/suggestions/bugs as issues on GitHub.


Great news Benjamin,

we at griffon already using clover for code coverage. I’ll definitely take a look at it.

regards, René

Great, let me know if you run into issues or missing features. I’d like to drive this plugin towards a final version. Pull requests are always welcome. I might have a look at the Griffon Clover implementation in the meantime as well.


we currently have no good existing solution for using clover in the griffon build. you can safe the time for investigating here:-). we started refactoring the project and build layout. i’ll give you feedback when i adapted your plugin or have any further issues. regards, rene

Sounds good to me.