Gradle Checkout, file name too long

When checking out the gradle source code from git (on windows, into D:\Checkouts\gradle), the following error occurs:

error: cannot stat ‘subprojects/plugins/src/integTest/resources/org/gradle/groovy/compile/ApiGroovyCompilerIntegrationTest/canDisablePrimitiveOptimizations/src/test/groovy/canCompileAgainstGroovyClassThatDependsOnExternalClass/src/test/groovy/MyGroovyTestCase.groovy’: Filename too long


  1. Please shorten the names like canCompileAgainstGroovyClassThatDependsOnExternalClass, ApiGroovyCompilerIntegrationTest and canDisablePrimitiveOptimizations so that it will not cause any problem in any environment during checkout
  2. Please enforce a rule when committing code that the user be mindful that the there is a path length limit on environments like windows (this would be very useful).

Thank you :smile: