Gradle builds constantly fail. Issues updating Gradle, and issues with GRADLE_HOME default directory,

(Jon Garcia) #1

How do I update my gradle drivers without issues? Everytime I have tried to update gradle files with new builds I get fatal errors or can’t find gradle errors. Whats the default directory for GRADLE_HOME? Are you supposed to copy files into already existing directory or does it setup a directory. I’m super lost it seems that it works sometimes and fails other times, with same conditions. FYI I am new to Android programming, but do have experience with Java, C#, and XML/HTML coding.

Sincerly, Jonathan Garcia

(Jon Garcia) #2

I haven’t been able to get any answers searching the web, as it seems I’m the only one with Gradle integration issues.

(Luke Daley) #3

Can you outline the process you go through when upgrading Gradle?

This generally works as lots of people are doing this without issue.