Gradle Build environment not visible from subproject


I have a multiproject build with org.gradle.parallel set to true in a of the root project, and a gradle wrapper in the root project as well. If I call the gradle wrapper from a subproject, the properties of the root project to configure the gradle build environment (such as org.gradle.parallel) are not honoured. In contrast, user-defined properties in the same are accessible in the build script of the subproject.

Is this expected behaviour? If yes, what is the suggested way to use gradle in such a use case?


Do you mean something like this?

$ cd subproject
$ ../gradlew build

I’m not currently able to replicate this problem.

I forgot to mention that I have a flat multiproject with a project named master containing the settings.gradle.

| - settings.gradle

In the scenario you described, the problem does not arise.

Thanks for the report. I’ve raised this issue as GRADLE-3341.

Thanks for raising an issue. As a workaround, I see

  • using -parallel explicitly
  • only call tasks from the root project

Do you have any other alternatives?

For per-project, I don’t believe so. You could globally enable parallel by setting the property in GRADLE_OPTS or a file in ~/.gradle.