Gradle Build 500 Error

I am trying to deploy the gradle ear file first time with adding cxf value explicitly and getting the 500 error while testing

Application is up and running but still getting the below error when testing the service

Error creating bean with cxf name defined in class path resoure[META-INF/CXF/cxf-extension-cxfutils-core.xml]

I am doing the installing the application first time with gradle build

How do you think this is in any way Gradle releated?
From what you describe you have a problem at runtime with your application.
Maybe you should ask in some CXF community?

In gradle build only we are giving cxf value as JNDI name and deploying the application
That time only we are getting the issue

Gradle itself does not know anything about CXF or JNDI.
If you really think this is in any way Gradle releated, please share an MCVE.