Gradle Branding Guideline

A few month ago I found a branding guideline for Gradle logo usages. But now I can’t.
If it is still there, could you point me the way?
Otherwise, what’s the reason for removal?

Do you mean this: Gradle Brand Guidelines | Gradle Enterprise ?

Yes, thank you.

In the guideline it is said at the elephant gradle icon that:
“Where the Gradle brand has already been established, the elephant icon may be used on its own.”
What does “established” mean exactly?
First I thought that the Gradle brand is established by submitting a plugin and for the plugin’s site I could use the icon. (But now I got confused a little.)

I have no idea, I’m just a user like you and also not a lawyer.
I recommend you scroll down the page fully, then you find an E-Mail address that you should probably contact when unsure.