Add statement about ability to use Gradle logo outside of Gradle website?

In many large commercial companies, there are large efforts to use open-source tools for their own work. Those same efforts usually include internal training and documentation. Many of those efforts use the logos produced for those open-source products in that internal training. Many of those same large organizations also have legal teams that have governance over anything that is produced that could be presented to more than a handful of people.

If an open-source product or website uses a logo, but without any information about the legal usability of that logo in external documents or presentations, even if the organization representing that product has no reservations about the use of the logo for “reasonable” use, the legal department of most companies will simply deny the use of that logo.

The Gradle website has no information prescribing the usability of the Gradle logo in any external documents or presentations. Would it be reasonable to amend the website to provide this information?

Hi David,

you made a good point. We will add a document describing the legal terms. Not exactly sure when this will happen, I hope within the next 4 weeks.