Gradle 4.10+ - show downloaded jars in console again


since gradle 4.10 i miss the information in the console which jars have been downloaded from which URL to the gradle cache. Is there a way to activate these outputs again? In the release news of gradle 4.10 i could not find informations about this change. In the gradle docs i also find no hint how to restore the previous behaviour.
What i miss are outputs like these:
Download http:///nexus/content/repositories/.jar

thanks in advance !

This is still an issue for us to update our gradle version. For further clarification:

We need to log from which repositories the resources in our configurations have been loaded. Is there a Gradle-API to find these informations?

Any hint would be very helpful. Thanks in advance !

Now that jcenter will go offline (see February 2021 Gradle Newsletter and Service End for Bintray, JCenter, GoCenter, and ChartCenter | JFrog) we have to find out which jars or poms our builds pull from this repository. For the Gradle4-Builds we have the information in our logs. For the Gradle6-Builds we still miss this information. Is there any chance to find these references with Gradle6?

Actually the easiest way would be to look at a build scan in the dependencies and build-dependencies sections. There you can filter by repositories like here: Build scan | Gradle Cloud Services.

Besides that, that the downloads are not logged anymore was just because of the goal to make Gradle more quiet by default to not hide warnings and errors. But usually the log was just moved to a lower log level. If you for example use -i, then the download messages are there again.

Thanks for your response, Björn.
To investigate a specific build -i of course is an option. For regular builds running with -i would let the log increase (by factor 30 and then hide relevant warnings and errors). It also might expose vulnerable data. Using buildscan unfortunately is no option for us.

Is there a possibility to configure the logging of a specific class to info (in this case most likely gradle/ at master · gradle/gradle · GitHub) ?