Upgrade 3.5 -> 6.22

We work in a closed environment and updates come few and far between. Recently tasked with updating Gradle 3.5 -> 6.22. It largely went smoothly until we tried to build and we’re getting errors (No ClassDef found, in regards to slf4j). Not all unit tests (JUnit4) fail but most of them do. We’re using JaCoCo, the report generates and the stack trace (which unfortunately I can’t post here) isn’t very helpful anyway.

With this being such a large leap in releases I was looking for some possible gotchas along the way that we might’ve missed in the upgrade. I did find an older article mentioning the need for another dependency of slf4j but we never needed that before and wonder if anything would’ve changed with how Gradle interacts with loggers in a project. Thanks for any help.

This is pretty hard to say with so little information.
I’d recommend you upped by one major at a time fixing out the deprecation information you get from each run.
About missing slf4j classes, one thing coming to mind is that if you have custom loggers you may need to specify annotation processors starting with gradle 5.

We use log4j only. Reverting to 3.5 is our only option at this time but we have but can’t go forward if we do that due to other dependencies. It seems to hiccup on a cache session method. I’ll see if I can post more info and thanks for the feedback.

More info:
When running the tests in eclipse they all pass fine. It’s only when we run the grade build or test tasks so it feels like maybe the grasper artifacts for test aren’t available for some reason

@smarco we found the issue. Posting it for others that might have the same issue.
ehcache.xml contained several in memory args and combined with gradle’s memory footprint it choked. We’re still working on a solution (adjusting memory on either gradle or on the ehcache.xml settings). The stack trace we received was directing us towards “VM args” and that led us down this path.