Gradle 2.4 released

The Gradle team is pleased to announce the release of Gradle 2.4. Check it out at

The big story for Gradle 2.4 is the improved performance.
While it’s not unusual for a new Gradle release to be the fastest Gradle yet, Gradle 2.4 is significantly faster.
Many early testers of Gradle 2.4 have reported that overall build times have improved by 20% up to 40%.

There are two main components to the improved performance; general configuration time optimizations,
and the class reuse with the Gradle Daemon.
As such, using the Gradle Daemon now provides an even greater performance advantage.

If you are using Gradle to build native code (e.g. C/C++), the news gets even better with the introduction of parallel compilation.

Memory consumption has also been reduced when compiling Java source code with Java 7 and 8, which can significantly improve compile times for large Java projects.

Other highlights include support for Amazon S3 dependency repositories
and support for using annotation processors with Groovy code and more.

The complete release notes for Gradle 2.4 are available at

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