Gradle 2.3 released

The Gradle team is pleased to announce the release of Gradle 2.3. Check it out at

This release of Gradle brings some nice new capabilities to dependency management and IDE support, as well as improvements to some core plugins.

A long requested feature has been the ability to access metadata artifacts like ivy.xml and pom.xml, that Gradle uses to perform dependency resolution. Using the Artifact Query API, you now have direct access to these raw metadata artifacts. This could be useful for generating an offline repository, inspecting the files for custom metadata, and much more.

IDE support in Gradle continues to improve, and Gradle 2.3 brings enhancements to the Gradle tooling API together with numerous bug fixes in our IDE plugins. Of note, this release brings much better integration with the Eclipse Web Tools Platform via the eclipse-wtp plugin.

As always, this Gradle release benefits from a large number of community contributions. These include substantial enhancements to the antlr, compare-gradle-builds and application plugins, as well as many bug fixes and improvements.


Can we get an update on the progress of the Gradle Roadmap?

Thanks, Lance.