Gradle 2.14.1 can not read execution data from jacoco 0.7.4

Hi everyone,
I know it is an old version of Gradle but I still can not find the answer for my problem for a long time and if you have any idea please help me :slight_smile:
I am using Gradle 2.14.1 to generate coverage report for Android Testcases, and for some reasons I only can use Jacoco 0.7.4 in my project:
buildscript {
configurations.all {
resolutionStrategy {
force '’
force ‘org.jacoco:org.jacoco.core:’
But when run task generateCoverageReport, I got the error:
"Cannot read execution data version 0x1006. This version of JaCoCo uses execution data version 0x1007."
Anybody know the way to get gradle 2.14.1 (or upper) can read execution data of Jacoco 0.7.4? Please advice.
Thanks so much for your kindly attention.

I am not sure if that fixes your issue but you should set the JaCoCo version as described here:

What exactly prevents you from upgrading to a newer version of Gradle?

Hi Benjamin,
I can use Gradle 2.14.1 or any newer versions. However, all of them can not read execution data generated by Jacoco 0.7.4 as my code:
force '’
force ‘org.jacoco:org.jacoco.core:’
if I use Jacoco 0.7.5 or newer, Gradle will create report normally. But I can’t do it . The reason is my project has a task named “transformClassesWithDexForDebug” which always stuck with Jacoco 0.7.5++.
Please check this topic ( from post #67) for more details:

I don’t think I fully understand the problem. If your task requires a specific JaCoCo version (BTW: why does dexing require JaCoCo?), then just use the same version when generating code coverage.

jacoco {
    toolVersion = "0.7.5.x"