ExecutionData for new jacoco-report-aggregation plugin

The new jacoco-report-aggregation plugin available in Gradle 7.4 works like a charm if you need to generate actual reports, but I’m have a hard time figuring out how to expose an aggregate excution data in a consolidated “test.exec” file.

I read the docs but wasn’t able to identify anything as being a potential path through the wilderness. I’d be open to options that don’t directly involve using the new plug-in but that seems less than ideal. I’d rather follow the gradle way.

Any words of wisdom?

I should also mention I’ve seen older posts that mention the JacocoMerge task type, but there’s a deprecation warning which makes me wonder if that should be considered a durable option.

Afaik the JacocoMerge task was deprecated and will be removed, as virtually any tool accepting JaCoCo exec data should accept multiple such files as input by now.

You easily get that list of files from the new aggregation plugin as dedicated configuration as far as I understood the docs, so that you can easily feed all the exec data files to some tools for futher processing.