Gradle 1.12 released

The Gradle team is pleased to announce the availability of Gradle 1.12. Gradle 1.12 brings some nice universal performance improvements, more control of the dependency resolution process, an improved API for IDE integration, Clang and CUnit support for native code and a slew of bug and compatibility fixes.

For detailed information on the new features, improvements and fixes please see the release notes.

Gradle 1.12 set a new high watermark for contributions. It includes contributions from 16 different people. Contributions range from documentation improvements, to Ant import improvements, to support for building large zips, to Sonar improvements, to test reporting improvements and more. Thank you to all of the contributors.

Gradle 1.12 will be the last release in the Gradle 1.x line. The next release will be Gradle 2.0. For information on what this means for you and for the future of Gradle, please see the Gradle 2.0 announcement.

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Guess I came too late to the 1.12-rc2 party (12 minutes before the 1.12 announcement). Just in case my message in the 1.12-rc2 announcement went unnoticed, I stumbled upon a regression:

when a method is defined in build.gradle, it’s no longer available to the scripts that build.gradle includes. Example: --build.gradle-- void echo(String string) { logger.quiet string } apply from: file(‘include.gradle’)

–include.gradle-- task myTask { echo(‘this used to work’) }

This used to work with version 1.11 (and since at least 1.1, which is the oldest Gradle version that I still had handy).

Hope this helps (should I open a bug report?),


Hello Thierry, thanks for the report. I’ve created a seperate thread to track your issue. Please reference the new topic here: Method defined in build.gradle, is no longer available to the scripts that build…