Gradle 1.12-rc-1 build fails at :buildSrc:build

(rajesh.eq) #1

With gradle 1.12-rc-1, at :buildSrc:build gradle fails with an exception unable to resolve class ‘org.gradle.Sample’ @ line2, column1

import org.gradle.Sample.

This is working fine with gradle 1.10.

(René Groeschke) #2

Hey rajesh, we need some more information to reproduce this.

Where is org.gradle.Sample coming from. How did you declare the dependency, what repositories are involved?

cheers, René

(rajesh.eq) #3

Hi Rene, Sorry I didn’t mentioned about org.gradle.Sample. org.gradle.Sample.groovy is a custom task which extends DefaultTask and is present inside buildSrc/src/main/groovy. I am trying to import the task org.gradle.Sample inside my build script to create task of type Sample.