download error

I have troubles with download this file:

GoogleChrome stop load at 47.7Mb:

Android studio also stopped download:


I just tried to download the file with Chrome. Works fine for me. Maybe you are experiencing some temporary network issues.

thanx for quickly… Why AndroidStudio trying dowload this? I handly unzipped files ( to C:\Users\MyUser.gradle\gradle-1.10\

and trying to C:\Users\MyUser.gradle\wrapper\dists\gradle-1.10-all\6vpvhqu0efs1fqmqr2decq1v12\

Which path is needed???

Android Studio is using the Gradle Wrapper so you don’t have to download and install Gradle yourself.

The problem is probably with the download Internet caches.

Android studio not see my files, persistently downloads broken (for me!!!) link and displays an error

You can close the topic.

This might be an issue with Android Studio specifically. I’d try to ask the same question on Google’s forum.