Getting "No history is available" on Jenkins server

(Mats Faugli) #1


Our project is currently switching from maven to gradle (I’m very happy about that), and it works like a charm on the command line. We use the gradle daemon, and if everything is up-to-date, it completes in seconds. When it builds everything it takes up to 10 minutes.

On our Jenkins server, only the processResources task is up-to-date. When I run the build again with the --info flag, I saw that this was because “skipping task processResources as it has no source files”. On all other tasks it says “No history is available” (it should of course be up-to-date).

The .gradle directory is NOT deleted when building from Jenkins. All I can see is that fileHashes.bin and is updated. Any comments or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe I should have tried on the Jenkins forum first, but I was hoping you could help too since Jenkins is so widespread.

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

Chances are that the ‘.gradle’ directory isn’t preserved between builds, for example because subsequent builds run on different slaves, or the workspace is cleaned between builds. I can’t think of another cause for this problem.

(Mats Faugli) #3

Thanks for the super-quick reply :slight_smile:

You were right: The .gradle directory was accidentally commited to git. And when I removed it, everything works fine. Thanks again :slight_smile: