Getting "No history is available" on Jenkins server


Our project is currently switching from maven to gradle (I’m very happy about that), and it works like a charm on the command line. We use the gradle daemon, and if everything is up-to-date, it completes in seconds. When it builds everything it takes up to 10 minutes.

On our Jenkins server, only the processResources task is up-to-date. When I run the build again with the --info flag, I saw that this was because “skipping task processResources as it has no source files”. On all other tasks it says “No history is available” (it should of course be up-to-date).

The .gradle directory is NOT deleted when building from Jenkins. All I can see is that fileHashes.bin and is updated. Any comments or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe I should have tried on the Jenkins forum first, but I was hoping you could help too since Jenkins is so widespread.

Chances are that the ‘.gradle’ directory isn’t preserved between builds, for example because subsequent builds run on different slaves, or the workspace is cleaned between builds. I can’t think of another cause for this problem.

Thanks for the super-quick reply :slight_smile:

You were right: The .gradle directory was accidentally commited to git. And when I removed it, everything works fine. Thanks again :slight_smile: