Absolute path on output directories in taskArtifacts.bin

(Joachim Nilsson) #1

In our Jenkins builds, we have a need to clone a workspace (output from gradle build) to several slaves in order to do massively parallel integration tests. But since the file taskArtifacts.bin contains absolute paths to output directories, tasks are marked as not up to date due to '‘No history is available’. I think the ability to clone a workspace and ‘continue’ a build will be central to many CI configurations and we would like to see this changes to paths relative to $rootProject instead.

Reproduce the error: 1. pull of a project into folder B 2. do a gradle build 3. renaming B to A 4 build again

I debugged gradle and found the critical code section in CacheBackedTaskHistoryRepository.findPreviousExecution()

(Lance Johnston) #2

Yes, this is a problem for us as well. I submitted an enhancement request for changing this behavior yesterday:


(Joachim Nilsson) #3

Did not see that before my post, your description of the problem is good.

(Luke Daley) #4

I’m going to close this one off and concentrate the discussion on Lance’s post.