Getting information about a dependency's classifier

I’d like to be able to access information about the classifiers of a dependency’s artifacts while walking the dependency graph obtained from configuration.incoming.resolutionResult.root. The API that is available while walking the graph doesn’t appear to make the classifier available. I’m wondering if I’ve missed something.

I’d like to be able to access the classifier so that I can differentiate between nodes in the graph when the classifier is the only difference. A concrete example can be found here. There are two dependencies on org.apache.avro:avro-mapred in the graph – one with classifier hadoop1 and one with classifier hadoop2. Without access to the classifier, these two dependencies appear to be identical when, in fact, they are not.

A similar issue is that when running the dependencies task the classifier is not displayed in the dependency tree. I believe the reason for this is the same as the reason why the dependency-management-plugin does not have access to this information.

Same as


any progress on this issue ?

How I can select the “uber” from:

It looks like this does not work:
configurations { my_config }
dependencies { my_config group: ‘org.ops4j.pax.url’, name: ‘pax-url-war’, version: ‘2.4.2’, classifier: ‘uber’ }

Br. Harri