Gradle fails to resolve between ivy dependencies with and without classifier

(Mohan Kornipati) #1

Few of our project libraries will produce java 8 and java 7 artifact jars differentiated by classifier. ‘jdk7’ (if it is jdk7 compiled) and no classifier (if it is jdk8 compiled) and these are being published to our internal repositories.

let’s say like


and coming to consuming side, projects building on java 8 will consume the above mentioned dependencies with usual practice (with no classifier) and any projects building on java 7 consume them with classifier - jdk7 along with group, name and version.

But we identified an issue when Java 7 consumer projects when it got dependencies foo:1.0.0:jdk7 as direct and foo:1.0.0 as transitive

We are finding the consuming project ended up having both


in the dependency graph and not resolved any one.

I tried using Dependency dependencySubstitution (with classifier) and also tried by force strategies (with classifier) and both these approaches not worked.

Is there any way, we can tell Gradle dependency resolution to consider dependencies with classifier has higher or lower?

Gradle 2.2.1 seems to ignore my classifier on my dependency, and then tries to download the wrong thing