Getting eclipse, jrebel and gradle working together


I am not sure if this is even possible, but I have been trying to get this working for 4 days and I am running out of ideas.

Plugins I am using:

com.bmuschko:gradle-tomcat-plugin:2.0 (tomcat tasks)
org.zeroturnaround:gradle-jrebel-plugin:1.1.2 (to generate the rebel.xml file)

I have a Spring MVC project that I am running with gradle’s tomcatRun task in the embedded Tomcat instance. JRebel is activated by adding org.gradle.jvmargs="-javaagent:path/to/jrebel.jar". I get the notice that jRebel is tracking my build directories, but I don’t get the licensing confirmation rows (using the jRebel social license). Now the problem is that I can’t get the changed files to build automatically and republish them to the embedded tomcat. I have enabled “Build automatically” in eclipse but it seems that the files in fact are not built after I save them (checking the time stamps in the build folder). Normally I would use gradle clean and gradle build tasks.

Looks like I am missing something major here, but can’t exactly figure out what. Has anyone gotten this or something similar working? Is this even achievable?

Thanks in advance!

Did you read the FAQ “How do I use hot code deployment with the plugin?” in the of the plugin? I describes the setup step by step. I’d try to get the reload working on the command line first before you try to get it running in the IDE. Keep in mind that the class output paths in the IDE are different from the ones used by Gradle (build/classes/main vs. bin)

Another remark: Version 2.0 of the Gradle plugin is fairly old. Please upgrade to a newer version.

Thank you. Updated the gradle plugin version. Seems that I had a problem understanding the FAQ relation to the way I run gradle on my CLI (Using git bash on my windows machine the script executed is gradle and not gradle.bat and the JAVA_OPTS parameter was in the wrong file). Trying to get the reloading to work now. I resolved the class output issue early on - didn’t help that the class file folders were initially hidden.