First import (and restart of Eclipse) shows project dependency related problem markers

When I restart Eclipse with Buildship-imported Gradle projects, or if I import the same set of projects, I always get Eclipse problem markers relating to “type not found” between projects, like there’s some sort of dependency problem.

However, these projects build fine on the command line.

If I “clean” the projects in a prescribed order then everything works and there are no compilation problem markers.

I fear this is difficult to provide a simple example for because it’s the very nature of the project setup that is causing this.

I’d be open to sharing the codebase in private for anyone that wanted to have a look at this with me.

That very well could be. Buildship only can provide an approximation of the correct classpath due to a limitation of Eclipse. In a nutshell, Eclipse has one classpath per project, whereas in Gradle you can define different dependencies for different source sets within a project.

You can try adjusting eclipse.classpath.plusConfiguration to add the missing dependencies.