Java build path not kept current with dependencies

I have a pre-existing gradle project that I imported as a Buildship project, and I am finding that the project does not appear to have updated the Eclipse Java Build Path to make it consistent with the dependencies I’ve defined in build.gradle. Consequently, the IDE is complaining with a bunch of false positives about unresolved type names and so on.

How do I get these synced up?

When you do the import via Buildship, does the project you import already have a .project file? If so, Buildship will only configure some parts of the (already existing) Eclipse project. In which case, I suggest you remove the .project file and re-import the project. Let us know how that goes.

Yes - it did have a pre-existing .project file. I’ll try re-importing without that file.

@etiennestuder: that did the trick - thanks!

That is great to hear.