Error in user guide

Chapter 44 of the user guide describes the Distribution plugin. It says this plugin adds the following tasks:

  • distZip
  • distTar
  • assembleDist
  • installDist

and that none of these tasks has dependencies on each other.

What I see, instead, is that the assembleDist task does not exist, while there is assembleMainDist. The latter task, also, depends on distZip and distTar (as I would expect…).

So: it seems like the “main” distribution is considered an “extra” distribution from the assembleDist task point of view. However, another inconsistency is that the documentation says that for each extra distribution, three tasks are added: ${}DistZip, ${}DistTar and install${}Dist, but not assemble${}Dist.

I’m using Gradle 2.3.

Thanks for reporting. I’ve raised GRADLE-3278 for this. I’m working on a fix for this.

I pushed a fix into master.

ach subproject has its own project object, so accessing “project” in a submodule is accessing a different object. You do have access to the root project, though, so “rootProject.testCounter” is probably what you want.