Error: cannot find symbol (But it's definitely there)


(Woden Cafe) #1

We are getting multiple “error: cannot find symbol” errors during the gradle command line build, but I checked the dependencies and the dependency is definitely there, it’s apache vfs 2.1.

Also, this is a Buildship project, and Eclipse / Buildship are showing the project as building successfully with no compile errors, everything looks correct in Eclipse.

Here is an example of the errors we get when running “./gradlew build

/home/wodencafe/workspace/FTProject/src/main/java/com/dx/protocols/ftpclient/ error: cannot find symbol
builder.setConnectTimeout( fileSysOpts, 40000 );
symbol: method setConnectTimeout(FileSystemOptions,int)
location: variable builder of type FtpFileSystemConfigBuilder

/home/wodencafe/workspace/FTProject/src/main/java/com/dx/protocols/ftpclient/ error: incompatible types: FtpsFileSystemConfigBuilder cannot be converted to FtpFileSystemConfigBuilder
configureFtp( builder, fileSysOpts, startInUserDir );

It all seems to be concentrated to this particular class, VFSFtpClientWrapper.

Do you guys have any idea what we can do to troubleshoot this issue further?