ERROR 522 when building docker Image

Hello Team,
we are facing this issue recently building our docker Image which returns no response while downloading some plugings
Command : RUN ./gradlew --no-daemon -q -x rat -x compileTestJava -x test -x spotlessJavaCheck -x spotlessJava bootJar

here are the snaps

On other hand when we try WGET from our local machine we are able to download the files,
only our application hosted in PH (Philippines ) AWS regions are failing ?

can you help us to fix this permently all our builds are failing because of this :expressionless:

For more info when we try to WGET from India machine here the output

wget -v
--2024-04-02 14:24:06--
Resolving ( 2606:4700:83b1:649e:fbca:0:6810:4865,,
Connecting to (|2606:4700:83b1:649e:fbca:0:6810:4865|:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 19342 (19K) [binary/octet-stream]
Saving to: ‘asciidoctor-gradle-jvm-epub-3.3.2.jar.4’

asciidoctor-gradle-jvm-epub-3.3.2.jar.4            100%[================================================================================================================>]  18.89K  --.-KB/s    in 0.001s  

2024-04-02 14:24:07 (14.5 MB/s) - ‘asciidoctor-gradle-jvm-epub-3.3.2.jar.4’ saved [19342/19342]

On other side when we are trying from PH instances

fineract-packages$ wget -v
--2024-04-02 08:54:38--
Resolving (,, 2606:4700::6810:4965, ...
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 522 
2024-04-02 08:55:08 ERROR 522: (no description).

Somehow it is ale to connect 2606:4700:83b1:649e:fbca:0:6810:4865,,
which is not the case when we try from PH instances

I got the same issue (intermittent) from ap-southeast-2 (Jakarta). Could you please check it?

If you have alternative upstream could you recommend it as well? Thank you

This is still not resolved, there is no option :expressionless: we are not able to build from last week

Based on the IP, seems it belongs to cloudflare

Yes, like many sites, it uses Cloudflare in front.
The 522 usually means that the Cloudflare server timed out while talking to the actual backend server.
But this is mainly a community forum.
To get more attention by Gradle folks, you should probably open an issue on GitHub.

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Alternative solution, download the jar and hosted internally :sweat_smile: