Equivalent of Maven <plugins> tag in gradle

Hi folks,

I am very new to Build system and Gradle as well. Currently I am trying to migrate a java Maven build setup which is already existing into Gradle. What is the quivalent of Maven “plugins” tag in gradle?

I executed the “gradle init” command on the project parent directory and generated the “build.gradle” file. I am comparing the “build.gradle” with old “pom.xml” file of project and making sure equivalent of maven tags are present in “build.gralde” file by editing it manually. Is it the right approach of migration? Please suggest. Thanks.


Take a good look here: https://gradle.org/migrating-a-maven-build-to-gradle

In other words: there is no magic (known to humans) that will instantly convert your project from Maven to Gradle… you will have to find your way around problems (especially if your pom.xml is complicated).

May the force be with you :slight_smile:

Thanks Dejan. I am using the same link which you provided. I am following the same hard way of comparing the tags. Their, I got stuck with tag of pom.xml. And I was wondering which might be the equivalent ‘script’/ keyword in gradle. Any hints will help.