Empty Project Name

I just downloaded gradle for the first time for a school project. To test that it worked my professor told me to build a daemon in the command prompt by just typing gradle while my directory is set to the C: Drive, which is where I put my gradle download. When I did my build failed with the error:

  • What went wrong:
    A problem occurred configuring root project ‘’.

The project name must not be empty. Set the ‘rootProject.name’ or adjust the ‘include’ statement (see https://docs.gradle.org/6.2.2/dsl/org.gradle.api.initialization.Settings.html#org.gradle.api.initialization.Settings:include(java.lang.String[]) for more details).
My professor said he’s never seen the error before I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me figure this out. This is off a fresh install where I have touched none of the files and I’m using version 6.2.2

Do you already have a gradle project or just go into command line on c:\ and type gradle?

Here is described how to create a gradle project:

This is not a good test if you’re looking for a success message. Even if you haven’t created a project, Gradle still has a project internally, which is set to the name of your current folder. If you’re at the root of the drive, your current folder name is empty, so the default project name is empty. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your installation.

Also, running Gradle in arbitrary locations isn’t the best idea. It’s either going to fail or best case, add unnecessary files in a hidden .gradle folder. Instead, always create a folder for whatever you’re planning to work on with Gradle and run Gradle from there. The link provided in the previous post is a good place to get started.