Embedding cache into a repo


is it possible to force gradle cache files to be stored in a subfolder of a repo I’m working in… we have a CI server that cannot be pkaced on the internet, and we’d like to be able to copy a folder over for the server to run off of with all required files in one folder, including needed tools… (gradle, maven, java, and our hava files) … we currently use maven as below:

Project folder / repo that is placed on a CI server - on a network with no internet access
-java projects (currently set up for maven build but looking to switch to Gradle)
-appsfolder (stores build tools for convenience when working offline)
–gradle <-- can I force cached files to go into a sub folder here so a copy to another system can build offline?
–java <-- self contained version of java needed by the project
–maven <-- set up to force libraries/pluugins to be stored in a repo folder beneath this folder

As is, we can run a script to set the environment and then build using maven without accessing build tool files outside of this folder… We’d like to replace maven with gradle but can’t seem to enclose the cache files into a subfolder of the project… Is this possible?