Eclipse plugin multiply projects, debug, class path problem

Hi, I’m trying to resolve this annoying problem, I have following configuration for java project:

Root build.gradle





in web I have lib dependency to common

dependencies {

compile project(’:common’)

… }

web compiles fine, it can see all common classes, but when I debug in eclipse, I see unresolved class path to common project frustrating beyond believe.

could anybody suggest how I can solve this problem?

Thank you

From your description, it’s not clear why this would happen. Did you apply the ‘eclipse-wtp’ plugin to ‘allprojects {}’? What exactly are you debugging (the web application, a test, etc.)? How are you importing the build into Eclipse? Which Eclipse and Gradle version are you using?

I’m debugging web app

both eclipse and eclipse-wtp applied

Eclipse version is Luna, Gradle 1.12, eclipse gradle plugin is up to date.

Ok, yes, related to GRADLE-1880, eclipse-wtp wasn’t applied at the root to all projects as required by workaround