Eclipse keeps executing autoBuild/sync tasks

I have a project that uses autobuildtasks & synchronizationtasks to auto-generate some small resources.

things are working fine, but from time-to-time eclipse runs in endlessly running ‘building’ and executing those tasks.
I need to break the loop by manually canceling it on ‘progress’ tab - or restart eclipse.

any hints what might be wrong with my setup?

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I’m not sure sorry, but it sounds like the Java auto-build and the Gradle auto-build are each detecting changes (from each other?) and are getting in a loop that doesn’t realise the state was the same as before.

In fact are the built files staying static? Or do the resources actually change each time - say if some generated file includes a timestamp?

I wonder if it might be worth turning the “Automatic Project Synchronization” preference off and assigning a keyboard shortcut to activate the sync, as a workaround?

that’s also my guess - but all gradle tasks that get executed report ‘UP-TO-DATE’.
automatic project synchronization is turned off.

is there any eclipse logging I might enable to get an idea what’s going on?