'E170001: Authentication required' using gradle-svntools-plugin

i run the following command: >> ./gradlew checkoutSvntools

Here is fragment from build.gradle:

apply plugin: “at.bxm.svntools”

task checkoutSvntools(type: SvnCheckout) {
svnUrl = “svn+ssh://svn.marklogic.com/project/engsvn/qa/branches/b10_0/lib”
workspaceDir = “$buildDir”

I don’t have any errros if I run: >> svn co svn+ssh://svn.marklogic.com/project/engsvn/qa/branches/b10_0/lib

How I can tell gradle to take existing environemnt ssl credentials?

Gradle isn’t really involved here as this functionality is provided entirely by a third-party plugin. This plugin only supports username / password credentials even though the library it depends on supports more. Raise an issue with the plugin author, and maybe they’ll add additional authentication options.