Dynamic javadoc groups

(steve) #1

I need to be able to maintain a list of javadoc groups that would be unwieldy to do by hand.

I have a package naming scheme that indicates whether packages are (1) APIs, (2) SPIs or (3) private/internal. I want to use those as the basis for my javadoc groups. Unfortunately the “split” there comes at the end of the package names. For example: org.hibernate.stat org.hibernate.stat.spi org.hibernate.stat.internal

I assume I will need to iterate over each class/package and check the package name, but I am not sure how best to do that in Gradle. Something like this?:

subprojects.each{ subProject->
    subProject.sourceSets.main.java.each { javaFile ->

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

Looks good except that you may need to defer the evaluation, for example by wrapping the code with gradle.projectsEvaluated {}.

(steve) #3

Thanks Peter. A related question. Given a source set, is there a means to get the name of classes contained there? Or at least the relative .java file path (relative to the corresponding source dir)?

(Peter Niederwieser) #4

One option is to iterate over sourceSets.main.java with the visit() method:

subproject.sourceSets.main.java.visit { details ->
  if (details.directory) return
  def relativePath = details.relativePath.toString()