DSL Reference error: testReportDirName is not relative to buildDir, but to reportsDir

There is a mistake in DSL Reference (Gradle 2.2.1): http://www.gradle.org/docs/current/dsl/org.gradle.api.Project.html

testReportDirName The name of the test reports directory. Can be a name or a path relative to the build dir.

Not true, testReportDirName is relative to reportsDir property.

Also reportsDir property is not listed in properties list of this DSL Reference.

Thanks for reporting. I’ve raised as GRADLE-3221.

I just fixed this in gradle master. this means this fix will be included in gradle 2.4. Just to clarify: ‘reportsDir’ is private in JavaPluginConvention. It is not a conventional property but available as ReportExtension#baseDir

cheers, René