Documentation or commandLine method

The documentation for using the commandLine method in Execution class or Task class should be updated.
The commandLine method would work in some instances without the “cmd” argument and not others. If this is required then the documentation should explicitly state it or it should be more specific on when it is require or not.
Running the following works:
commandLine ‘converter.bat’, “{pname}", "{pkgAID}”, “{version}", '-out', 'CAP', 'EXP', 'JCA', '-nobanner', '-classdir', "{classDir}”, ‘-d’, “{classDir}", '-exportpath', "{exportPath}”, ‘-applet’, “{appletAID}", "{appletName}”, '-debug‘
But running the following command did not work:
commandLine ‘converter.bat’, args

If ‘cmd’ is required then there should have been a syntax error associated to one of the two commandLine examples.