Cmd / Exec issue with arguments


I am trying to execute below command or execuatable in a task , but of them fail with a status code of 1 or -1 . Where as they work fine if i directly execute the same command using cmd prompt. Can you please help if syntax issues or antying ?

commandLine ‘cmd’,’/c’,’“C:\Program Files\IBM\WMBT700\mqsicreatebar.exe” -data ./OPV_PUBLISH -b -o MFP_ProviderInitiateChangeEvent\MF_ProviderInitiateChangeEvent.msgflow MSP_InitiateChangeEvent\MS_InitiateChangeEvent\messageSet.mset -trace ';

executable = '“C:\Program Files\IBM\WMBT700\mqsicreatebar.exe”'
args = ["-data", “$builddir”, “-b”, barFileName, “-o $files_path”, “-trace”]