Documentation for the JSHint plugin

Hi All,

Where can I find more information about using the JSHint plugin from Gradle itself? I.e., the one at


I see a previous post from two years ago that said this plugin is not yet public or documented. Is this still the case?

Specifically what I’d like to do is ignore certain types of JSHint violations. Using JSHint outside of Gradle allows me to put inline configurations comments in the source file to ignore JSHint violations but in the context of Gradle these inline comment configuration statements are not processed; all warnings and errors are applied.



I think the advice is the same. I think proper Javascript support is something we want to add, but we’re not there yet.

Does the suggested 3rd party plug-in work for you?

Thanks for the reply! The project concerned is already using this plugin so we would have to convert to the one you mentioned; which we’ll investigate. In any case it’s good to know the current status.