Gradle 2.14 breaks gradle-js-plugin


(Michael Mikhulya) #1

Gradle Version: 2.14
Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04
It is a regression. In gradle 2.13 all works fine.

Error message:

  • What went wrong:
    A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:aktivo’.

No signature of method: static org.gradle.util.ConfigureUtil.configure() is applicable for argument types: (build_1plale5tm6t69zc42689j93z5$_run_closure7$_closure19, com.eriwen.gradle.js.source.internal.DefaultJavaScriptSourceSet_Decorated, java.lang.Boolean) values: [build_1plale5tm6t69zc42689j93z5$_run_closure7$_closure19@799c8758, …]
Possible solutions: configure(groovy.lang.Closure, java.lang.Object)

It shows error on following line:
javascript.source {
dev { <-- error on this line

Please see documentation (with example) to plugin here:

(Eric Wendelin) #2

Hi Michael,

Apologies if I didn’t announce this properly. I have published version 2.14.1 of the gradle-js-plugin (and 2.14.0 of gradle-css-plugin) that fixes compatibility and is backward-compatible with previous Gradle versions.

I have tested that version as working with 2.14 and 3.0-milestone-1. Please let me know if your experience differs.


(Michael Mikhulya) #3

Hi Eric,

It works like a charm after version update.
Thank you for fix and fast response!

(Constantino Cronemberger) #4

It also breaks the Grails plugin if I specify “plugins” inside the “grails” declaration.

(Jon Bettinger) #5

I’m still seeing 2.12.0 as the latest version of gradle-css-plugin on jcenter, and I’m having the same issue with it on Gradle 3.0. I used the current source (commit d14a9bc) and that works fine.

(Eric Wendelin) #6

Hi Jon,

I’m sorry. I’m guilty of inconsistently pushing different versions of gradle-js to different repos. The latest version of gradle-js-plugin is on the Gradle Plugin Portal.

From here on, I’d prefer to stick to just one: the Gradle Plugin Portal because it’s a pain to manage all 3 (bintray, Maven Central, and Plugin Portal).

Can you find any reason you would need the plugin on bintray? Please let me know.