Disabling stdout / stderr generated by unit tests and captured in the test results xml files

Is there a way to disable stdout and stderr being written to the test reports? I’m unclear whether its Gradle (or the Test task implementation) that’s writing the test results xml files, or if it’s junit that’s responsible for this. If its Gradle, I would think this should be possible, but if its JUnit, its probably not so straight forward.

It’s Gradle that is responsible for XML and HTML report generation. (In contrary to common belief, JUnit doesn’t know anything about reports.) However, to my knowledge there is no option to prevent stdout/stderr from being written to the reports. Why do you want to prevent it?

The application under test generates a lot of data. Bamboo is choking on parsing the unit test results, and I’m pretty sure its because of the size of these results files. I think we’re just going to bite the bullet and direct all of our output through the logger - probably should be doing this anyway.

Yes, that’s a good idea, and may even speed up your tests.

Any chance that this will be supported in junit report configuration?

@Daniel: it’s unlikely to happen unless it’s a contribution.