Disable generation/upload of ivyfile of upload"Configuration" tasks

Is it possible to disable the creation and uploading of ivy.xml files when using the upload"Configuration"?

Why? My end goals is to upload multiple build artifacts (e.g. exe, deb, rpm, dmg installers ) for multiple parallel builds to a network shared drive. I would like to avoid using the share directly, because each build is on different platform (because javafx), therefore the uri for upload must be different and I would prefer to keep platform specific details away from the build.gradle. Since I recently started to use nexus I got an idea: why not create a special repo and override local store path to point to the nfs share (only need to define it to the machine hosting nexus). Then I could just treat the build artifacts artifacts and use maven upload options already available. I tried and it seems to work, except I misconfigured something and now I get ivy.xml files to the repo, but that does not matter. Since this is a release type of repo, the build fails because I can only upload the ivy file once. I don’t see any reason why I would need ivy/pom files at the moment (the files are accessed directly from the nfs drive) so if I could just disable it from the upload"Configuration" tasks it archive needed result.

It seems

uploadDescriptor false

in the upload"Configuration" block does the trick