Dependency on older published project artifact

My project has a dependency on a previous version of it’s own published artifact on Maven (for compatibility analysis at build time), but this dependency cannot be resolved. As a result, the “old” artifact is never downloaded from Maven repository.

Note: This ONLY happens, when publication’s artifactId and project’s name are the same.
Minimal example:

Gradle version: 5.6.4 (I cannot yet migrate to 6.x)

settings.gradle: = "project-name"


plugins {
    id 'maven-publish'

version = '2.0'
group = 'com.example'

repositories {

configurations {

dependencies {
    previous 'com.example:project-name:1.0'

publishing {
    publications {
        maven(MavenPublication) {
            version = '1.0'

Tasks to execute:

gradle publishToMavenLocal dependencies

Although the older version is published in the local repository, the dependency could not be resolved.
If I change the project name before running the “dependencies” task (for example to “project-name2”), the dependency is resolved normally.

“dependency” task output:

\--- com.example:project-name:1.0 FAILED

Is this the expected behavior? Are there maybe any workarounds available, as some of the project names I cannot change anymore?

Thank you.

If I explicitly set the target configuration is dependency declaration, the dependency is resolved, but is considered a “current” project and not an external dependency (from repository):

previous group: "com.example", name: "project-name", version: "1.0", configuration: "previous"

“dependencies” task output:

+--- com.example:project-name:1.0 -> project : (*)

(*) - dependencies omitted (listed previously)