Dependencies not being downloaded after upgrading from 4.10 to 5.0

I am upgrading a project that mainly executes ‘test’ tasks from 4.8 to 5.4.1.

I’ve been following the recomendations at and have upgraded to 4.10 with no issues.

Once I went to 5.0, some dependencies that were being downloaded previously are no longer being downloaded. Exampls of some of the message I’ve been getting:

  • unable to resolve class org.joda.time.Seconds
  • unable to resolve class org.glassfish.jersey.uri.UriComponent
  • unable to resolve class

I can explicitly add these as dependencies in my build.gradle file but am wondering what change(s) in the 5.0 version is causing this, and if there is something I should be configuring properly to handle these like how they were handled in the 4.x versions?