Dealing with old Maven POMs when using Gradle 5

I love that Gradle 5.x no longer adds “runtime” scoped dependencies in Maven POMs to the compile classpath because that is, arguably, the right behavior.

However, as I try to upgrade projects to Gradle 5, I’m discovering that there are a lot of old libraries and POMs out there that were built with earlier versions of Gradle and the maven-publish plugin (which, unless you customized its output, used to publish all dependencies in runtime scope). This is causing me a lot of pain as I upgrade projects to Gradle 5. So far, the best workaround I’ve come up with is to declare explicit dependencies on incorrectly-scoped transitive dependencies, but that’s pretty painful.

Is there any better way to deal with these old POMs that were published with poor everything-is-runtime scoping? For example, is there a parameter I can set when declaring a dependency that would instruct Gradle to use the old resolution behavior (i.e., add all runtime-scoped dependencies to the compile classpath)?

If not, what are some other strategies that might work to deal with old POMs?