Cucumber with jUnit-reporting tries to create files with special characters


I have seen this was an issue back in 2013 and was rated as fixed, however I just started using the latest gradle yesterday and was in the process of converting an existing maven project that uses Junit and Cucumber and this problem has resurfaced. When writing the html reports it uses illegal characters for window file names such as the ‘|’ character

Here are examples of feature files that gradle is attempting to convert in file names and failing

| crimeActivityTypeOtherText |
| “This text has to be more than 80 characters. You may insert something which is technically not accepted as general text @#$%^”>?" |
| “This text is exactly 81 characters including spaces. More text more text more te.” |

| url |
| /datax/v1/transactionreports/minutes/2010-07-13T17:32.xml?detailLevel=full |
| /datax/v1/transactionreports/minutes/2015-06-15T00:59.xml?detailLevel=full |