Ctrl+d does not exit continous build with Gradle 2.5 RC1 under Windows

The new continuous build feature is really nice!
When I use it under Windows (8.1, with either cmd or PowerShell), after the first build, I get the message
Waiting for changes to input files of tasks... (ctrl+d to exit)
however, using ctrl+d does not exit the build as suggested. Using ctrl+c works, but it has the drawback of also killing the daemon.

Thanks @Thierry! I think this used to work. I raised GRADLE-3311 for tracking.

If you press Ctrl+D and then Enter, the build will exit, so this seems like some sort of console buffering problem.

No problem, thanks for the workaround!

It turns out that not requiring ENTER is very hard, so we are just going to update the instructions to mention using ENTER.