Creating another type of test task in Java

(Daniel Halperin) #1

Hi all,

In our project we have both ‘tests’ and ‘speedtests’. The latter are performance tests and take a long time, so we don’t want them running every time we test compiler correctness.

Right now, here’s the sourceSets configuration:

sourceSets { {
    srcDir 'src'
    srcDir 'protobuf/java'
    srcDir 'third-party-src'
  } {
    srcDir 'test'
  } {
    srcDir 'speedtest'
  task speedtest(type: Test) {
  testClassesDir = sourceSets.speedtest.output.classesDir
  classpath = sourceSets.speedtest.runtimeClasspath
  include = 'speedtest/**'

If I run ‘gradle build’ it will compile everything successfully and run the tests in the ‘test’ subdirectory. It does not run ‘speedtestClasses’ to compile the ‘speedtest’ code. When I run ‘speedtestClasses’ manually, it fails—presumably because it does not know that, like test, it needs to copy all the settings from ‘compile’ and ‘runtime’ and ‘testCompile’ and ‘testRuntime’.

Is there a way to easily get it to clone ‘test’'s settings and act in a similar way?


(Peter Niederwieser) #2

For an example on how to set up an additional ‘Test’ task, see ‘samples/java/withIntegrationTests’ in the full Gradle distribution.

(Daniel Halperin) #3

Thanks so much! Is there no way to find this information online? Most users won’t start by cloning the gradle git…

(Peter Niederwieser) #4

You can either download the full distribution, or browse the GitHub repo.