How to add both src/main and src/test to task jar

(Rohit Verma) #1

I have below gradle task to build the src jar. This wis currently building src/main jar only. How can I force it to make jar with both src/manin and src/test ( basically the folders are as below mentioned in sourceSet intergrationTest )

jar {
 //from { configurations.runtime.collect { it.isDirectory() ? it : zipTree(it) } }
 baseName = 'ce-elasticsearch'
    manifest {
        attributes 'Implementation-Title': 'ElasticSearch Module', 'Implementation-Version': version
  sourceSets {
    integrationTest {
        java.srcDir file('src/test/integration/java')
        resources.srcDir file('src/test/integration/resources')
  task sourcesJar(type: Jar, dependsOn: classes) {
    classifier = 'sources'
    from sourceSets.main.allSource, sourceSets.integrationTest.output
  artifacts {
 archives file: file("build/libs/${project.jar.baseName}-${version}.jar"), name: project.jar.baseName, type: 'jar', builtBy: jar
 archives sourcesJar

afterwards I want another project to compile using only src/main and then testcompile using sourceSet integrationTest.

Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

Add something like ‘from sourceSets.test.allSource’ or ‘from sourceSets.integrationTest.allSource’. ‘from sourceSets.integrationTest.output’ will add class and resource files to the sources Jar.

(Rohit Verma) #3

thanks, will try that