Crash when copying files to build.gradle directory

I’ve reproduced this with gradle 1.7 and 1.8-rc-1 on two separate 64 bit Windows 7 machines and a 32 bit Windows XP virtual machine. See for the crash dump.

Use the following project structure: + Blah (directory)

SomeFile.txt build.gradle

The following code is in build.gradle:

task CrashBoom (type : Copy) {
    from 'Blah'
    into '.'



SomeFile.txt should be in the blah directory, the indent was lost. I get the same crash when specifying the underlying directory (’…’ instead of ‘.’). It does not matter whether I specify the full path or the relative path.

Copying to the project dir is known to cause problems. Why do you want to do this? Usually, everything goes into the ‘build’ dir, or outside the project dir. Anyway, I’ve raised GRADLE-2891 to track this.

I added a gradle build script to an existing python project (in which all files were in the same directory). One of the builds steps copies some external build’s dependencies into the project directory.