Could not parse Ivy file with XML version "1.1" from cache

With gradle 1.9-1.10 some of my artifacts could not be resolved:

Could not resolve org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient:4.2.2.

Could not parse POM http://–server-here-/org/apache/httpcomponents/httpclient/4.2.2/httpclient-4.2.2.pom

Could not resolve org.apache.httpcomponents:httpcomponents-client:4.2.2.

Could not parse Ivy file file:/cache/gradle/caches/modules-2/metadata-2.1/descriptors/org.apache.httpcomponents/httpcomponents-client/4.2.2/1f44abbd3293c1382c241f317dca02a9/ivy.xml

unsupported XML version (found “1.1”) (expected “1.0”) OS: Linux

With gradle 1.8 all is ok.

This seems to work fine for me with 1.10:

repositories {
  configurations {
  dependencies {
    httpclient 'org.apache.httpcomponents:httpclient:4.2.2'
  task copyLibs(type: Copy) {
    from configurations.httpclient
    into "$buildDir/libs"

What library are you requesting? Are you managing dependencies yourself in an internal binary repository? I think it would be helpful to see your relevant build code.