Could not open cp_settings generic class cache for set file

There are two main problems with your post.

  1. Just posting a screenshot is very unfriendly. Do you just want to show off what nice error you are able to produce my misusing? Do you want to show how nice you can put black boxes on an image? Do you you need someone to translate the text to German? What is your intention in this post?

    Besides that it is always better to copy text and paste it, instead of posting screenshots if it is just about the text. Screenshots are less readable, less copyable, less searchable, …

  2. Assuming you seek for help with that error, you should do a minimal research yourself before posting to a forum. This question or very similar were already answered multiple times here and at other places.

“class file major version 64” means Java 20.
No released Gradle version supports running with Java 20 and surely not 7.5.1 which is only compatible with Java up to 18: Compatibility Matrix
So don’t try to run Gradle with an unsupported Java version.